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Funding Our Ministries


Retired Oblate Living Expenses: $12,000

Because they make a vow of poverty, the Oblates do not retire to a life of luxury.  They live in community, supported by the generosity and gratitude of so many who fully appreciate their mission and life’s work.  There are several residences for retired Oblates throughout the United States.

Some of the average annual costs at the Oblates’ Immaculate Heart of Mary Residence in Tewksbury, Massachusetts include:

  • $1,000 – prescription medications not paid by insurance
  • $2,000 – cost of supplemental medical insurance
  • $3,000 – three meals a day for each Oblate

Youth Forum: $18,000

The Oblates reach out to people who are often overlooked by society.  Youth are no exception – the Oblates serve children by providing education, shelter, food and spiritual direction.  Each year youth ministers from Oblate parishes learn ways to improve outreach to youth and young adults through Oblate Youth Forums.

Minds Eye Information Service: $23,000

Since 1973 Minds Eye has provided radio programming tailored to the needs of blind and visually impaired persons.  The station broadcasts throughout the St. Louis and surrounding areas and via the Internet, providing free access to readings of over 100 magazines, newspapers, books and retail ads.

Improved Lay Ministry: $25,000

The Oblates support the formation and education of lay people in parishes and other places of ministry throughout the United States.  Many of these programs are located at institutions such as Oblate School of Theology, Oblate retreat centers and shrines.  Through lay ministry programs, individuals who do not have sufficient resources can develop their ministerial, scriptural, theological and pastoral understanding and practice.

Seminarian Expenses: $28,000

The Oblate School of Theology was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1903 with the mission to educate young men to serve as Oblate missionaries in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mexico and the Philippines.

Today, Oblate School of Theology prepares men for priesthood from many dioceses across the United States and a number of religious communities.  The School also prepares men and women religious as well as laity from Catholic and other Christian traditions for a variety of ministries.

The typical annual expenses for an Oblate seminarian preparing for the priesthood at the Oblate School of Theology include:

  • $800 – Books
  • $3,000 – Formation Costs
  • $3,700 – Personal items/expenses
  • $5,500 – Food and housing
  • $12,000 – Tuition

Ecological Learning Center: $30,000

The La Vista Ecological Learning Center in Godfrey, Illinois provides instruction on the stewardship of our natural resources and the deep interconnectedness and interdependence throughout all of God’s creation.  It is part of an ongoing Oblate effort to respond to the priority of justice, peace and the integrity of creation.  The center also includes a community-supported garden.

Vocation Ministry: $30,000

There are four Oblate Vocation Directors in the United States who are helping young men discern God’s will.  These Oblates incur annual expenses related to travel, Vocation Missionary Experiences and other events.

Native American Ministries: $200,000

The Oblates’ Native American ministriesinclude parishes and outreach programs on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota.  Located in rural, impoverished communities, these ministries provide for the spiritual and material needs of Native Americans, who are among the most marginalized people in our country.



Turkmenistan Mission: $65,000

The United States Province supports three Oblate priests in the central Asian nation of Turkmenistan.  These Oblates are the only Catholic priests in the entire country, which was part of the former Soviet Union.  In May 2011 Fr. Rafal Chilimoniuk, O.M.I. was the first man ordained to the priesthood in Turkmenistan in nearly a century.

Tijuana, Mexico: $183,000  

The Oblates’ ministries in Tijuana include parishes, mission chapels, a formation house and a medical clinic/educational center.  The neighborhoods in which the Oblates minister are plagued by violence and hardships.

  • $1,000 – can provide an education for a special-needs child for one year.
  • $1,400 – can cover the cost of 100 doctor or dentist visits.
  • $1,500 – can allow the Oblates to set up a portable classroom.
  • $3,500 – can build solid roofs for five homes.

Zambia: $1,900,000 

The Oblates in Zambia are the primary face of the Catholic Church in the western portion of the country.  The Oblates staff an extensive network of parishes and mission chapels that reaches from the largest cities to the smallest rural villages.

The Oblates are also involved in nutritional programs, catechetical formation programs and medical care, including an AIDS hospice.  The Oblates staff and operate Radio Liseli, the Catholic Church’s only media presence in western Zambia.

  • $1,000 – can build 20 simple homes at $50 per home: $24 for four bags of cement, $6 for poles, $6 for grass, $6 for mud and $8 for labor.
  • $1,000 – can provide a month’s supply of water for 1,000 families.
  • $2,000 – can allow 100 female high school students to live for a year in a dormitory built by the Oblates.
  • $10,000 – will pay for a boat engine to allow the Oblates to travel on the Zambezi River to reach their most isolated missions.  This is particularly helpful during the flood season, when the roads become virtually impassable.
  • $18,000 – will allow the Oblates to purchase a new radio transmitter to increase the reach of Radio Liseli.
  • $20,000 – will pay for a four-wheel-drive truck.