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From the Desk of Dennis: Fall 2013

From the Desk of Dennis Kempf

Fr. Morin, OMIFather John Morin has “retired” at age 88 after spending 40 years as an Oblate missionary in Haiti, and preaching and ministering to hundreds of Haitians at an Oblate parish in New Orleans. What has he chosen to do in retirement? Father Morin felt the need to update his Scripture studies, so he enrolled in classes at Notre Dame Seminary!

Father Morin said, “I had a choice between the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of St. John. I was attracted to both, but I decided to take the Synoptics, and if I’m still around next year, I’ll take the Gospel of St. John.”

When asked what he meant by “still around,” Fr. Morin replied, “When you’re 88, you don’t buy green bananas!”

The course professor, Dr. Nathan Eubank, said of him, “It really was a great sign for the seminarians to see someone 60 years down the road from where they are trying to learn and asking questions – and really wanting to hear the answers. Sometimes seminarians look at their education as a hurdle to be crossed and then left behind. What his presence showed everyone was that we’re all lifetime learners.”

Seminarian Mathew Graham of the Diocese of Baton Rouge agreed. “To see priests coming back and continuing to learn serves as a good example for us that our intellectual formation as priests will never stop. He also brought some good pastoral insights in relation to his own life.”

Because he was auditing the course, Fr. Morin felt that “soaking up the knowledge without the pressure of taking tests or writing papers was ‘a pleasure.’”


Andrea MartinAndrea Martin is the newest member of the Charitable and Planned Giving team. While quite a bit younger than Fr. Morin, Andrea brings wisdom from her experience as a YMCA Program Director and as a Parish School of Religion (PSR) Coordinator.

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