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Ways To Donate

Charitable Gift Annuity:
When you establish a charitable gift annuity with the Oblate Annuity Trust (minimum $5,000), you will receive annual fixed payments for the rest of your life (minimum age 59 ½). The annuity rate is based on the donor’s age at the time the charitable gift annuity is established. You will also receive a one-time charitable deduction for the year the gift is made.  Read more

Every adult should have a carefully planned Will.  A Will forms the basis of a person’s estate plan, regardless of the value of their assets.  A Will is necessary even if other estate plan arrangements, such as a living trust or jointly-titled property, are in place.  Read more

Matching & Outright Gifts:
Many companies now offer their employees an extra incentive to contribute to charitable organizations through matching gift programs.   Read more

Certificates of Deposit: 
Most people have savings instruments such as these.  As modest as the returns may be, they are still preferred by many people for safety and convenience.  They also make excellent vehicles for charitable giving, allowing you to make a future gift without presently reducing your funds.  Read more

Stock Gifts:
Stock gifts can be designated toward a specific Oblate mission – or the donation can be used where it is most needed, maximizing the value of the gift.   Read more

If your estate is complicated you may wish to consider using a Revocable Living Trust as the cornerstone of your estate plan.  A Revocable Living Trust is one you can change or cancel during your lifetime.  Read more

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