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Beneficiary of IRA



Did you know there is a simple, effective way to provide for the future of the Missionary Oblates AND your family?

First, consider leaving a legacy gift from your tax-deferred IRA or 401(k) retirement plan to the Missionary Oblates. Why? These plans are “pre-tax” assets. If your children are made designated beneficiaries, upon your passing they will be subject to heavy federal and state income taxes. However, when you name the Missionary Oblates as beneficiary, we will receive 100% of
your gift tax-free!

Second, consider leaving cash or insurance to your children because assets such as these pass to them tax-free.

It is easy to name the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate as beneficiary of your IRA or 401(k). Simply ask your plan administrator for a “Change of Beneficiary” form and let them know the percentage amount you wish to leave the Oblates. Simply mail in the form and relax, knowing that you are helping the Missionary Oblates spread the Gospel to all corners of the earth! For more information, please call Andrea at 1-800-233-6264.

Legal title: Oblate Missionary Society, Inc.
Federal Tax Identification Number: 26-0634043