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Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

Fr. Paul Hall Investing in CDs certainly made sense a few decades ago, with interest sometimes in the double digits.  But today these instruments barely show a plus on any deposit.  Charitable gift annuities, however, are still returning excellent rates.

I have studied and investigated several Church charities and I feel perfectly safe to invest my accumulated portfolio where I know God’s work will be done.  The work of the Missionary Oblates is an endlessly fulfilling story of charity and love.  Charitable gift annuities are a great way to get a decent return on your hard-earned money, but it’s far greater to know and trust that your investment is doing God’s work and accomplishing it so very well. 

~ Father Paul of Port St. Lucie, Florida

One way to expand the benefits of maturing CDs is to use them to establish a charitable gift annuity.  Charitable gift annuities offer fixed-income payments backed by the resources of the Oblate Annuity Trust.  And unlike CDs that mature, the fixed charitable gift annuity payments last for the lifetime of the donor(s), and a portion is tax-free.  You can also claim a charitable tax deduction the year the gift is donated.

The Oblate Annuity Trust is an ideal way to convert maturing CDs into a generous gift for God’s poor people!  Two-life and deferred charitable gift annuities are also available.

Call the Missionary Oblates at 800-233-6264 to receive a free proposal, and learn how to help both the missions and yourself!