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Meet the Staff


Dennis Kempf Dennis Kempf, CFRE

  (314) 607-2119

Dennis Kempf worked for the Apartment Community on the grounds of the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows for almost two years.  He then moved to the Charitable and Planned Giving Department where he worked for a year and a half before becoming the first Director of Planned Giving for the Archdiocese o f St. Louis.  He also raised funds for a Catholic children’s hospital.   Fourteen years later, Dennis returned to the Oblate family in early 2012.

 As Director of Charitable and Planned Giving, Dennis’ goal is to support the charitable gift advisors who visit donors.   He is excited by the opportunity to work with Oblate donors because they, like the Oblates, share a love for Christ, Mary Immaculate and the poor people of the world.

Dennis was raised in St. Louis, Missouri by parents with great compassion for others – especially the poor.   He and his four brothers attended the archdiocesan seminary in St. Louis.   He is the proud father of two energetic teenage daughters who are strong in faith.   Dennis enjoys keeping company with friends and role models and staying up to date with philosophical and political news.   He stays active by in-line skating, biking, yardwork and walking .

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 MattB1 Matt Barnard
  Gift Advisor
  Northeast Region

  (618) 580-8852

Matt Barnard joined our Oblate team as a Gift Advisor in September 2015.  Matt previously worked at New York Life in financial services.  In this role he met with and helped individuals, families and small businesses plan and protect their financial goals.

Matt is excited to be working with the Oblates.  He has a great respect for their work throughout the world.  He looks forward to meeting with our treasured Oblate benefactors so he can have the opportunity to hear their stories and learn of their reasons for supporting the Oblates.

Matt is originally from Indiana but has lived in the St. Louis, Missouri area for 15 years.  He has a lovely wife, Kristina, and they have four children:  Adriana, Andrew, Joey and Charlie.  He loves spending time with his family, and also enjoys an active lifestyle through running, walking, biking, riding his motorcycle, woodworking, reading and doing home and yard projects.


Bill Magrath Bill Magrath
 Gift Advisor
 Southeast Region

 (618) 580-2385

Bill Magrath has been a part of the Oblate family for more than 37 years, currently working as a Gift Advisor.   In his previous positions with the Oblates, Bill had the opportunity to travel to foreign missions, capturing the Oblates’ work through his photography.   After seeing firsthand the effect the Oblates were having on the people of Brazil, Bill was “hooked,” as the Oblates truly were “serving the world’s poor.”   He is proud to be a part of the Oblates’ life-changing work throughout the world.

Bill is married to Linda, and together the couple have four grown children.  He enjoys spending time with his loved ones and friends, and never misses an opportunity to travel or go fishing.


Claudia GarciaClaudia Garcia, CFRE
Gift Advisor
Southwest Region

(210) 294-3155

As a member of the Charitable and Planned Giving Department, Claudia spends much of her time visiting our Spanish-speaking donors.   She has been with the Oblates for over ten years and is happy to help donors make a difference in the lives of the poor people of Oblate missions.  Claudia enjoys sharing her faith with the donors she meets.

Claudia and her husband John cherish time spent with family.  She is involved in her church and enjoys helping with retreats.

Jamie Green Jamie Green 
Gift Advisor
Midwest and Northwest Region

 (618) 581-8851


Jamie Green joined the Charitable and Planned Giving Department team a year ago, but has been part of the Oblate family for more than 27 years.   She previously served as Senior Graphic Designer/Art Coordinator for the Oblates’ fundraising program in the United States.   Jamie enjoys working for the Oblates because she believes in their ministry of serving the poor – and it makes her feel good to know that her work helps the Oblates make a difference in the world.

Jamie is extremely close to her family – she’s known as “Super Aunt” to her five nephews and one niece.  She and her mother, Kathleen, travel the world together and look forward to future adventures.   Jamie is a huge St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan and also enjoys golf and expressing her creative side through crafts and other arts.

John Wagner John Wagner
Gift Advisor
West Region

(618) 581-8853


John Wagner joined the Oblate family in January 2014 as a Gift Advisor.   He came to the Oblates with nine years’ experience as a planned gift advisor and director of planned giving.   He is thankful that he has had the privilege of knowing many generous and caring individuals who have a huge impact on their communities and people in need.   John recognizes the importance of bringing support and dignity to the poor, impoverished and dispossessed people of our world.   Through his work with the Oblates, he looks forward to making a difference in the lives of many people who are in desperate need of physical and spiritual healing.

Most of John’s family lives in Louisiana, Missouri and Texas.   He grew up in a small town near Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.   John is married to Wendy, and together they have three grown children.   John’s hobbies include music, art, photography, baseball (Go Cards!) and golf.


Diane Green
Diane Green
Donor Events & Marketing Coordinator

(800) 233-6264

Diane Green has been a part of the Oblate family for more than 25 years.   Her current position is Donor Events and Marketing Coordinator for the Charitable and Planned Giving Department.   Diane respects the Oblates for the work they do; she finds their compassion admirable.   Her work is extremely rewarding, as she has the opportunity to work directly with Oblates and donors.

Diane and her husband, Jerry, have two children: Maya and Max.  She enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.


Andrea Martin
Andrea Martin
Charitable and Planned Giving Coordinator

(877) 398-7687

Andrea Martin fills the role of the Charitable and Planned Giving Coordinator.   She recently worked for a local YMCA as their Program Director.   She is excited to work for the Oblates because she has a passion for helping people in need.   She finds great satisfaction knowing that her work with the Oblates will help people worldwide.

Andrea enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her husband, Steve and step-daughter Kailynne.  The family enjoys the company of their four dogs: Max, Riley, Romeo and Greta.   In her free time, Andrea loves to cook, make crafts, spend time outdoors and volunteer at her church.


Pat Schnyder
Pat Schnyder
Administrative Assistant

(800) 233-6264

Pat has been employed by the Missionary Oblates for more than 34 years.   In that time she has been a receptionist, the Oblate Director’s Administrative Assistant and, currently, as Administrative Assistant in the Charitable and Planned Giving department.   Pat takes pride knowing that her day-to-day work in the office is helping the Oblates raise the funds they need to continue their work.   She, and all the employees,  look forward to hearing directly from the missionaries, as they confirm that their work does, indeed, impact their ability to serve the poorest of the poor.

Pat and her husband Bill have been married 50 years.  She currently works on a “seasonal” basis, taking time off when needed to travel and visit her two out-of-town children and three grandchildren.